On-Site Clojure Training with Adam Bard

Harness the Power of Clojure

Whether you're starting from zero or need some guidance on your microservice architecture, I offer on-site training tailored to teams' needs. Learn to master Clojure's unique features to write simple, efficient software.

Highly recommended for beginners. You can easily tell that the author is an expert in Clojure and also has very good teaching skills and I’ll definitely be looking for more content from Adam Bard.

piotr.owsiak, review of Learning Clojure

Language Introduction

Need to get your team up to speed with Clojure? This introductory course is perfect for professional programmers who have never used Clojure before.

Does not waste your time: This video is mainly for people new to clojure but not new to programming. I liked that the presenter covered what I needed to know in a concise manner and that the presentation had been rehearsed to the point where there are no unnecessary distractions.

Y. Encarnacion, review of Learning Clojure

Custom Training & Consulting

Gain in-depth knowledge of some of Clojure's most popular features and libraries, including:

Got something else on your mind? Contact Me to see if I can help you with your Clojure Training needs.

Great course! Fast paced and straight to the point! Totally worth the investment of time!

glauco, review of Learning Clojure

About Adam

Adam Bard is a software developer based in Victoria, BC, with over 15 years' experience, including over 5 in Clojure. He is the author of Learning Clojure and of numerous articles and blog posts on Clojure, the maintainer of several open-source libraries for Clojure, the creator of popular programming language tutorial website Learn X in Y Minutes, and a quite handsome gentleman if I do say so myself.

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